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Providing Engaging Care

I may not be the most sensitive person in the world. Truth is, I want to write this article about being engaging and sensitive, but because I am a guy and I may not be as good at being sensitive … Continue reading

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Happiness and Touch

Touch is so central to our humanity that it is hard to even imagine living without it. For example, if a child is born blind, they can grow up and have a completely full and normal life. They will be … Continue reading

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A Dozen Evaluations

Over the last couple weeks I have performed a dozen or so employee evaluations. Our annual evaluations and 90 day evaluations include filling out forms and discussing requirements. I evaluate attendance and talk about client satisfaction, but all of this … Continue reading

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Taking Time To Relax

When I am visiting my clients I think to myself, “Slow down and relax.” They are often already dealing with anxiety and I feel like I shouldn’t show up with all of my busyness and commotion. I see their lives … Continue reading

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Seven Things This Winter

Most everybody knows at least one person, who calls them self a “Shut In”. You often feel sorry for their difficulty, but what they may really enjoy is something you could provide. Here are seven ideas that could make the … Continue reading

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Sixteen Year Old Stroke

I met a guy in Oklahoma that had lived alone after having a stoke for 16 years. He was paralyzed on his left side and wore a brace in order to be able to walk. His one bedroom apartment was … Continue reading

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